Training on Public Involvement in Environmental and Social Impact Assessments, Lao PDR

On 5-7 February 2014, PEI Lao PDR supported a training on public involvement in Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (EIA) for technical staff of the National Assembly. The negative impact that unsustainable use of natural resources have on sustainable development in Lao PDR calls for proper management of investment projects. The training aimed to familiarize participants with the process and available tools for involving the public in conducting EIAs. The involvement of the public is important to ensure that investment projects take into account the interest of local communities and use natural resources more sustainably.The training was delivered by the Department of Environmental and Social Impact Assessment and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. Following the training the National Assembly made suggestions of how the public involvement in EIAs can be further supported by clarifying who is the responsible partner, the government or the companies, for disclosing information, what is the time frame and different steps for public involvement in EIA and guidance on how to promote the participation of women in the EIA.

Event Date: 
Wednesday, February 5, 2014 to Friday, February 7, 2014
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