Mozambique aims to introduce a ban on the use of plastic

Mozambique’s Ministry of Environment (MICOA) aims to introduce a ban on the use of plasticIn late 2011 PEI facilitated south-south cooperation between Mozambique, Malawi and Rwanda where Government representatives from Mozambique and Malawi learned from the experience of PEI in Rwanda.

Inspired by the visit and Rwanda’s success in banning plastic bags Mozambique is putting in place measures to introduce a ban on the use of plastic bags. Activities towards this objective have been included in the 2013 Social and Economic Plan prepared by the Ministry of Environment in 2012. The budget has partly been raised from the Danida Support Programme to the Environment Sector (PASA II). This is yet another example of how PEI Mozambique is working to catalyse investments and policy changes to support sustainable development in Mozambique.

Dr. Rose Mukankomeje, Director General of the Rwanda Environment Management Authority,  describes in an interview (Delicious Day 02-04-2012) how the ‘Plastic bags that were used in Rwanda were made from non-biodegradable materials. They would end up scattered throughout our agricultural land and were preventing water penetration into the soil thereby leading to low agricultural productivity…The plastic bags which were being disposed of were frequently being burned which causes toxic fumes to be released in the air.’

Dr. Mukankomeje further witness that after the ban on plastic bags ‘community based associations sprung up comprised of mainly women and youth cooperatives to make bags made from locally available environmental friendly materials…Rwanda became an extraordinarily clean country. Tourism is increasing which is very good economically for our country. ’

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