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9-11 Aug 2012

Poverty Environment Initiative Regional Workshop: Making an Impact for a Greener, Inclusive Economy –Lessons Learned and the Way Ahead for Asia-Pacific Poverty Environment Initiative (Report) 

10-11 Oct 2011
UN Environment Workshop on Valuation of Ecosystem Services in Practice: Lessons Learned from Africa and Asia [Programme] [Press article]

14-16 Sep 2011
Regional Lesson Learning Workshop in Institutionalising Mainstreaming in Government and the UN
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14-24 May 2011
Poverty Environment Initiative cross-regional study visit Rwanda – Asia (Lao PDR, Nepal, Thailand)
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4-10 May 2011
Regional Poverty Environment Initiative Lao-Thai lessons learned exchange programme
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3 Nov 2010
Exchanges of Asian Experiences with Environmental Fiscal Reforms
[Agenda] [Report] 

23 – 24 Jun 2010
Regional Lesson Learning Workshop on Improving Public and Private Investment for Pro-Poor Environment and Climate Outcomes
 [Agenda] [Report] [Participants list] [Presentations]

5 – 6 Oct 2009
Local Government ‘s role in environment, natural resource management and climate change
 [Agenda] [Report] [Concept Note] [Participants][Presentations] [Discussion Note]

17 – 19 Sep 2009
Economic Development, Poverty Reduction and Environment and Climate Change: Environmental Economics for Policy Makers
[Agenda] [Report] [Photos]

13 – 14 Jun 2009
Poverty-Environment Initiative Asia Pacific Regional Meeting
 [Agenda] [Report]

9 – 11 Apr 2008
Poverty-Environment Initiative Regional Mainstreaming Workshop
 [Report] [Photo]

10 – 13 Dec 2007
Economic Development, Poverty Reduction, and Environmental Change: Environmental Economics for Policy Makers

26 – 27 Mar 2007
Workshop on Mainstreaming Environment for Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Growth in Asia and Pacific